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Photo courtesy of Scott Wegner 

Welcome to Hangar 45. Net

Hangar 45 has been created as an International Club for Learjet simulator builders.  Rather than focus on full-size flight sim building as a whole, our goal here is to provide a club-atmosphere for those that have decided to build and simulate one of the most famous aircraft ever built... A Learjet!

As a club, we showcase our members and their projects and invite you to learn even more about their projects by visiting their dedicated websites at the links provided by them under the Members and Projects page.

Hangar 45 also serves as a virtual hangar for Lear-specific information for home flight deck builders.  Here you will find information that will help you build 1:1 scale components for your project, get advise on Air File tweaking,  and have a host of other information that will get your Lear project off the ground in good time.  We also offer a Forum for our users to discuss Lear-specific issues and ideas that may otherwise get lost on other 'general hobby' forums. You can visit the Forum HERE.

Mission and Purpose

The Mission and Purpose of Hangar 45 is to provide a place where those who share the common interest of building a Learjet home simulator can share and interact with each other in a central location.

We openly encourage our members and visitors to seek out other sources of helpful information and to participate in other forums as well as our own.

If you'd like to Join Hangar 45, you can read all about that by clicking on the Joining Hangar 45 tab above.


Terms of Use and Disclaimer


 This site is in no way affiliated with Bombardier, Learjet, or any other real-world aviation/aerospace business. All of the information contained on this site is offered free of charge and free of responsibilities in every way, shape, and form. This information is provided as a source of entertainment and for the construction of non-certified home flight simulators for hobby use only. The creators and contributors of this site shall not be held liable under any circumstances. If this site contains any objectionable material the web authors kindly ask that those offended contact the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (s) and the issue will be resolved immediately.